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Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 2008 8 comments

Happy Holidays to All FCleaner Users! ūüôā


See You 2009!


The FCleaner Team

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DIY FCleaner To Yours

December 19th, 2008 13 comments

FCleaner has supported ‘Custom Cleaner’ feature from this version ‘Custom Cleaner’ feature allows you to define your own cleaning tasks. Now you can DIY FCleaner according to your needs. You can download this new version here

In this version, you can find ‘Custom Cleaner’ in ‘Options’ tab. There is a button on the left panel for ‘Custom Cleaner’.

Click it, you will see a list window of custom cleaners you have defined.

Here, you can add new cleaners, edit or remove the existed cleaners, or browse the folder you used in your cleaners.

When¬†you click ‘Add’ or double click an existed cleaner, you will see a form for you to¬†define a new/edit an existed¬†custom cleaner like below.

The ‘Name’ part is the custom cleaner name you want, each custom cleaner should have an unique name. The ‘Searching folder’ part is the target folder you want to clean. ‘Include/Exclude file types’ supports wildchars such as *, all file types should be separated¬†with semicolon (;). If you check ‘Search subfolder’ option, all subfolders under ‘Searching folder’ will be scanned. It maybe takes a lot of time to do scan action if there are many subfolders in ‘Searching folder’. So we recommend you use a direct path in ‘Searching folder’ field if you¬†need a quick scan. In ‘Report type’ part, there are three options for you to choose. You can select one of them as the report type for your custom cleaner.

After you define the custom cleaner, you will see it in ‘Cleaner->Windows->Custom’.

Now the ‘Analyze/Run Cleaner’¬†action will also include the custom cleaners you have checked. The report is like below. You can change the report type for each custom cleaner easily in ‘Custom Cleaner’ form.

You can define unlimited custom cleaners according to your task. All checked custom cleaners will be used in Analyze/Clean action.

The ‘Custom Cleaner’ feature gives FCleaner an unlimited expanding ability. You can DIY it now!

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FCleaner detailed analyze report is done!

December 12th, 2008 18 comments

In the new version of FCleaner, a detailed analyze/clean report has been available for you.

When the ‘analyze/clean’ process is finished, now you can see a report like below as default (figure1). There is a ‘[+]’ sign at the top line. It can be clicked. When you click it, it will become ‘[-]’ and the details will be shown to you (figure2).

FCleaner Default Report

figure1: default report (the details are hidden)

Show Details

figure2: Show Details

When you click the sign ‘[-]’, it will become ‘[+]’ and the details will be hidden.

Scan time

In the new report, you can also see a ‘Scan/Clean time’ result. It records the time of the analyzing process or the cleaning process. It is very useful if you want to compare the performances among several different cleaning softwares.

From the feedbacks we have found that many users don’t know how to¬†add¬†a new¬†language pack for FCleaner. So we add this ‘add language pack’ feature in this release. Click the ‘Add’ button and select the language pack you want. This pack will be added to FCleaner automatically. ‘Restart FCleaner’ isn’t necessary¬†now. You can find all availabe language packs of FCleaner¬†here.

Add language

From this version, FCleaner can handle the cookies of FireFox 3.x (I am using FireFox 3.0.4)

Firefox Cookies

Many new features have be planned and will be added step by step to FCleaner in the future. Your donating, supporting and spreading FCleaner will be very helpful for us to realize this aim. We thank all FCleaner users:-)

FCleaner Improvements

December 5th, 2008 11 comments

We have released FCleaner today. You can download it here:

Here are some improvements of this version. A full update log could be found here

In, FCleaner can be run in a command line way. For example, ‘fcleaner.exe -autocleanup’, it will run FCleaner to do ‘auto-clean’ action and then exit FCleaner automatically. We have received some feedbacks for requesting this feature.

FCleaner AutoCleanup Command

We also add a new notice screen when there is noting to be cleaned.

FCleaner Very Clean

Here, in ‘Options->Browser Cookies’ a bug has been fixed. There should be two buttons for you to operate the cookies.

FCleaner Browser Cookies

A note for ‘Startup Manager’, in it you could find some ‘BLUE’ items sometimes. The blue item means it is a ‘Signatory’ software.

FCleaner Startup


By the way, we are developing a FULL Analyzing Details report, it will come with the next version of FCleaner.