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RAMRush Many Improvements

September 17th, 2009 7 comments

RAMRush has been released today. There are many improvements in this release. Downoad RAMRush here.

In this version, we have removed the useless ‘close’ button and add a ‘sticky’ button to the form of RAMRush. Click it, the window of RAMRush will be stayed on top. Click it again, RAMRush will be restored to the ‘auto-hide’ mode.


 We have added a new option ‘Get CPU data from System Performance Monitor’ in this release. Because in version 1.0.5, we used a new way to get CPU data to fit x64 Windows, in all our tests, it works perfect. But from several feedbacks, it doesn’t work on some XP systems:-( So, we return to the old way, and add the new way as an option for x64 system user. If you find that RAMRush cannot get CPU data in your system, you could use this option to have a try. Usually, it is for x64 users, but it can work in x86 Windows, too.


The ‘setting problem’ in Windows 7 has been fixed, the language pack could be loaded correctly when RAMRush auto-starts with Windows.

We thank your feedbacks, and all donators:-)